Positively impacting the world one life at a time

The SESC mission is to empower clients to lead authentic, energised and passionate lives that are as unique as they are.


Through working with SESC you're empowered to achieve success on your terms as you team up with Steph (our Success Coach) to help you realise and leverage your unique potential.

SESC specialises in Success Coaching, a profession that's whole purpose is to help you gain clarity, move forward and achieve success in whichever area of life that you’re hungry to see change.


SESC teams up with clients like yourself to expand self-awareness of unique strengths, talents, passions and empowers each client's ability to harness their potential and achieve success.


We coach clients through the process of gaining clarity and confidence so they're empowered to create the change they want to see in their lives.


At this point it's important to add that we work with a particular breed of humans... strictly those who are hungry for change & willing to take action.

SESC has been born out of Steph's personal journey of clarifying her own unique strengths and purpose. Her passion is to empower others to speed up their own self-awareness journey and benefit from the satisfactions of their success sooner rather than later. 





Steph Edmunds is the founder and Certified Professional Life Coach here at SESC. 


She's a ball of energy - excitable, fun, engaging, motivational and undoubtedly professional.


After years of studying at Uni, exploring a diverse selection of career paths, embarking on bursts of entrepreneurialism and studying the profession of Life Coaching - Steph has learnt what sets her apart and how to leverage her unique attributes through her chosen profession that suits her down to a 't'.


Steph is highly relatable, insightful, witty and keenly strategic. It's her skill and her passion to work with clients to discover what makes them unique and empower them to create action plans they look forward to implementing. 


As a Coach and Speaker, Steph's personality and disposition allows her to put clients and audiences at ease while cutting to the heart of the matter to stimulate success through change.  

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So... What is 'Personal Success Coaching'?

Success Coaching is the profession of working with clients to define their goals and ideal outcomes, to  explore the ups and downs and hidden insights of their current reality and then work with them to expand all of their options to move forward. The objective of each coaching session is for the client to leave with a clear plan of action, not just hopes and dreams but practical ways to achieve success. Check out some testimonials to hear how our client's have benefitted from teaming up with SESC.



Who hires a coach?

Anyone who will benefit from coaching. Let us explain... We work with clients from all walks of life, with all sorts of goals. BUT it’s critical to note that there’s an undisputed vein that runs through each of our clients and that’s their hunger for change. They understand that they have potential and have a deep drive to take action (once they know the action they want to take of course).  

When you announce that you're a Coach people have lots of questions... We put it down to the fact that Coaching is a relatively young profession and Success Coaching is a little known, yet fast developing niche within it. So... we've answered a whole bunch of frequently asked questions just for you.




Okay okay, so you're interested... what now?


"I feel empowered after each session with you [Steph]. It's like I feel lighter, freer and in control again. It's almost like there are knots blocking my ability to think and you help me undo those knots. Now I can see positive outcomes for my life and I feel motivated to make them happen." - Jamin Gillman, Tasmania

"Thank you so much! I feel empowered and capable! You are an incredible woman Steph. So insanely blessed to have met you." - Esther Long, Tasmania

"[Working with Steph] brought clarity around my vision and goals, gave me confidence to actively pursue them and it gave me greater self awareness. I now see that I'm stronger than I originally perceived."  - Ben Winwood, Tasmania

"I find self-reflection so interesting and engaging. Through coaching I've gained awareness around strengths I didn't know I had and have gained an understanding of how my strengths can be amplified to improve my life." - Amy Soule, Tasmania

"Coaching was exciting because of all the possibilities it's shown me. It's a great tool for achieving personal growth and awareness." - Liana Seadon, Tasmania 




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