One-on-one Success Coaching is ideal for gaining clarity in your thinking, increasing self-awareness, building confidence, learning what you truly want and how you can take action. Not just any old action, tailored action that you're actually excited about so you willingly achieve results that will change your life. The best bit? All coaching is available online via video call so you can be anywhere in the world, not just here in Launceston, Tasmania! 

Gain the clarity, direction & confidence you need to smash your goals



Whether you're signing up for a series or simply curious about coaching, everyone is welcome to a free (and obligation free) curiosity call with me. We'll discuss why you're interested in coaching, the changes you want to make in your life,  your vision and goals and how I support my coaching clients to achieve success. 


Here's how it works:

Every coaching series begins with an on-boarding process that ensures you will hit the ground running right from your very first session with a series tailored to your desired outcomes. We then launch into your series which includes monthly online coaching calls with check-in calls and email support in-between each session to ensure you maintain momentum and achieve maximum results throughout your entire series. 



On-boarding includes:

  • 1x 15min Welcome call where we'll discuss the ins and outs of coaching and how we will work together specifically to achieve your goals.

  • 1x Self-Discovery Questionnaire (PDF) designed to kickstart your self-awareness. This document is like a spring board for your first session. 

  • 1x 30min Collaboration Call to analyse your questionnaire responses. We'll use this time to select the focus for your first session, this will allow you to hit the ground running with clarity and confidence! 


Coaching series includes:

  • 90min Initial coaching session (first session in your first month)

  • 60min coaching sessions per month thereafter (the number of sessions depending on whether you choose a 4, 8 or 12 month coaching series)

  • PDF notes summarising coaching session. Notes capturing the learnings, insights and action plans from each coaching session so you always have a reference for what you've learnt and where you're going. 

  • 15min Check-in calls between each coaching session to support your momentum, provide accountability and keep your success on track 

  • Email support for the duration of your coaching series to ensure obstacles are overcome in real time and that progress is celebrated between sessions

  • All clients are welcome to extend their coaching contracts, so if you're not ready to wrap up working with me after 4, 8 or 12 months - you can choose to continue! 


I N V E S T M E N T    O P T I O N S :



1x On-boarding process

1x 90min Coaching Session

3x 60min Coaching sessions

4x PDF session notes

4x 15min check in calls

Email support




1x On-boarding process

1x 90min Coaching Session

7x 60min Coaching sessions

8x PDF session notes

8x 15min check in calls

Email support




1x On-boarding process

1x 90min Coaching Session

11x 60min Coaching sessions

12x PDF session notes

12x 15min check in calls

Email support



Steph Edmunds

Certified Professional Life Coach



Steph Edmunds is SESC's Founder and Certified Professional Life Coach and supporting others on their journey of personal growth is her passion. Success Coaching is her tool for making that happen.


What is Success Coaching? Good question. Success Coaching is achieving the success you want to see in your life through challenging and exciting coaching conversations.


Every client has a unique personality, unique definition of success, unique goals and therefor... unique outcomes. Each coaching session is tailored to the individual. No two outcomes are alike. Success is relative, which makes it all the more dynamic and exciting whenever a new client gets in touch! It's a new life to impact with positive, successful, change. Clients may walk in feeling 'stuck' but they'll leave feeling clear and confident. 

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Certified Professional Life Coach: Steph Edmunds

Location: Launceston, Tasmania

Phone: +61418 300 116 

Email: hello@sesuccesscoaching.com.au 


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