Answers to your questions... 

So... What is Success Coaching?

Success Coaching is you partnering with a professional (a.k.a our Success Coach Steph) who's entire focus is to assist you in getting the best out of yourself to achieve what it is that you determine as success. It's a creative process where ideas flow, new thoughts and solutions evolve, goals are set, action plans are articulated, action is taken, change is created and success is achieved. 

As a Success Coach Steph (our founder) is trained in the profession of actively listening and asking questions that promote fresh thinking so you can explore your issues and dreams in a more creative context than your own mind (which can often be limited if it's not stretched and challenged). Through this safe and non-judgemental process of discussion, observation and reflection clients learn an amazing amount about themselves and are empowered to make changes that are unique to them and the goals they have in any area of their lives. 

Who hires a coach?

Proactive individuals who want to create change in their lives through the experience of teaming with a coach to expand their self-awareness, set goals and take action.


Who shouldn't hire a coach?

Individuals who (if they're being brutally honest with themselves) aren't actually prepared to change.

Will my coach give me advice

and tell me what I should do?

Put simply... No. It's not the coach's role to give you advice and tell you what you 'should' do. This is actually the whole point of coaching, that as the client you know your situation inside and out - your coach then uses their professional skills to help you expand your perspective and open up new ideas and potential outcomes. Giving you advice would put you at risk of becoming a 'mini-me' of your coach which would be doing you a disservice because you're unique. You will always be coached with your unique nature in mind. If you feel too stuck to believe the process of coaching could possibly work for you then let's talk, because it does. Fact.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

How long is a piece of string?  Seriously though... It varies from person to person. Here at SESC we recommend at least a three session series for your initial coaching experience. Why? Because during your first session you're not just learning about yourself and what you truly want in life (like that's not enough) you're also getting a feel for the coaching experience. In your second session you're charged by the momentum you've already experienced from your first session whilst still getting a feel for the coaching process. By the time you experience your third session you're pumped (FYI this feeling is ongoing, the excitement of exploring and creating your ideal future doesn't stop) and you're starting to feel comfortable with the coaching process, relaxing into it and seeing awesome results.

I'm nervous! Will my first session be awkward?

Not at all!  Our Success Coach Steph prides herself on being highly relatable and puts clients at ease with her friendly, open and witty nature. You'll be fine! But just to ease any remaining anxiety you might have - we ask all clients to complete an 'about you' document to kick off your thinking and to tell us a bit about you so we have a starting place. We also like to have a preliminary call before your first session to meet you and answer any questions you might have in the lead up to your first session. Be brave! You'll love the results of coaching. Check out our testimonials to hear how others have benefited from coaching.

What's the difference between Success Coaching and Life Coaching?

Honestly? The primary difference is in the terminology. The term 'Life Coaching' can sound a bit 'fluffy' or a bit like you need to hire someone because you're not doing well at life - which isn't true. You're already smashing life (you've got this far haven't you?). What you really want is to gain clarity and achieve success, to kick goals. Hence we go by the terminology 'Success Coaching'. 

What's the difference between

a mentor and a coach?

A mentor is someone who has 'been there, done that', the idea is that you learn from their experience and aim to replicate their success in your own life in some form or another. A coach on the other hand teams with you (as the expert in your own life) to expand your thinking and to create an action plan unique to your situation and the success you want to achieve. Coaching allows you to explore whichever facet of your dynamic life that you'd like to make progress in. 


What's the difference between 

counselling and coaching?

Counselling focuses on the past while coaching focuses on the future. Counsellors often focus on emotive responses to past events and will give advice and recommendations. In coaching it's about you solving your own issues as the coach facilitates you in looking towards the future, exploring options for change and getting clear on how you're going to make it happen. It's outcome focused. 

Does coaching have to be face-to-face or can I be coached over the phone/Skype?

We certainly can coach over the phone or Skype! As nerve wracking as it can be for some people to speak to a stranger over the phone for the first time, they only have to experience those nerves once! Our clients find they quickly feel at ease with Steph, our Coach and quickly forget any initial nerves because they get so preoccupied with the empowering flow of their sessions. 

I'm really busy... 

How will I fit coaching in?

Firstly it's important to point out that 'busyness' is something you have complete control over (definitely a topic worth being coached on if this is a chronic issue for you!). Secondly coaching can fit into your lifestyle in a number of ways; you can be coached over the phone to save travel time, and just so you know - here at SESC we're as flexible as possible with our availabilities so we can schedule sessions at a time that best suits your unique lifestyle. Another excellent option is Power Coaching (not for the faint hearted), sessions are shorter, sharper and more direct than traditional Success Coaching. Think HIIT... but coaching rather than exercise.

How can I be so sure I'll be able

to create change in my life?

If you desire change and have a willingness to take action - we have no doubt at all that you'll create change. Our Success Coach Steph will work with you to get to the heart of your goals, gain clarity on where you want to go and what change you'd love to see in your life. She's particularly passionate about empowering clients to create a plan of action that suits them uniquely so they actually want to take action. There's no one size fits all here and that's the beauty of it!