We’ll drink coffee, eat delicious food and walk and talk while getting to the core of who you are, how you can be your best-self and contribute to the world around you in a meaningful way. 


You’ll gain powerful personal insights and learn valuable tools to set yourself up for success now and in the future. 




Ever wanted your own life coach for a day? This is your opportunity.






  • Self-reflective Questionnaire

  • Personality Assessment

  • Strength Discovery

  • A Coffee Catch up or Call


  • Partnering one-on-one with our Personal Success Coach

  • 5x Deep Dive Sessions

  • 3x Walk and Talk Sessions

  • Delicious Food and Drinks

  • Laughter... and maybe Tears


  • Notes and Reflections from your intensive 

  • Ongoing Email Support from your Coach

  • Opportunity to Extend the Experience




  • Self-reflective Questionnaire.  This is the catalyst to get your thoughts stirring ready for your coaching intensive. This is your opportunity to let it all out! Tell me who you are, what you love about your life and what you'd change. This is where you answer questions that prompt you to explore and articulate your hopes and dreams. This is where we get the ball rolling. 


  • Personality Assessment.  All in the name of increasing your self awareness. This helps us get down to the foundations of who you are and how you work best. It will enrich the content of your coaching intensive. 


  • Strength Discovery. Like many, I'm sure you're far quicker at naming your weaknesses than your strengths. This strengths assessment helps you identify your Top 5 strengths. This will inform the days coaching, particularly how you can leverage your unique potential to enjoy and flourish in your life and achieve your goals and aspirations. 


  • A Coffee Catch up or Call.  This is our opportunity to get together to work out what you truly want to achieve from your coaching intensive, giving me the information I need to create a powerful agenda for the day to ensure we achieve your outcomes.  


  • 5x Deep Dive Sessions.  Not actual diving of course... But we will be diving into 5 sessions that make up the most intensive parts of the day during which you'll be coached as you set the foundations of your best-self and your vision for your life. You'll be empowered with insights, plans and tools to live a life that excites and motivates you, a life that you absolutely love. This isn't for the faint hearted... I'm going to challenge you and say what needs to be said to help you extract the very best from yourself. It can be intense, fun and silly, but it's all worth it.


  • 3 walk and talk sessions.  We can't keep ourselves cooped up all day, can we? These break out sessions are a little lighter and help us stay charged and focused.


  • Delicious food and drinks.  We'll be eating at the top cafes in town. We need quality fuel for quality outcomes for the day! All the delicious food and drink you'll need is provided by us so your brain runs at maximum capacity! 

  • Laughter... and maybe tears.  You're going to be pushing the boundaries of who you are and who you want to be. It can be emotional but always strengthening. Don't worry, I'll have tissues ready just incase. 


  • Notes and reflections from your intensive.  When you're in the moment, particularly during a whole day coaching intensive, you have a LOT of new thoughts. You can't be expected to remember every single thing during such a big day, so it's our job to take notes and provide them to you after your session so you can reflect on and gain value from your experience whenever you need it. 


  • Email support from your coach.  We want to know that you're staying on track and smashing your vision for your life. Email support will allow you to contact your coach after your session to overcome obstacles or seek inspiration as you need it for up to a month after your intensive.

  • Opportunity to extend the experience.  When you experience your one day coaching intensive, you're likely to want to continue on with one-on-one coaching (which we of course highly suggest for ultimate impact and results). We have a special offer for Intensive clients who continue on with coaching. Ask your coach about this after your session and we'll set you up with a coaching series for ongoing success! 

Steph Edmunds

Certified Professional Life Coach



Steph Edmunds is SESC's Founder and Certified Professional Life Coach and Personal Success Coaching is her arena of positive impact.


What is Success Coaching? Good question. Success Coaching is achieving the success you want to see in your life through challenging and exciting coaching conversations.


Every client has a unique personality, unique definition of success, unique goals and therefor... unique outcomes. Each coaching session is tailored to the individual. No two outcomes are alike. Success is relative, which makes it all the more dynamic and exciting whenever a new client gets in touch! It's a new life to impact with positive, successful, change. Clients may walk in feeling 'stuck' but they'll leave feeling clear and confident. 


"You’ve helped me uncover a treasure from deep inside me that I didn’t know I had. Thank you sooooooooooo much! Coaching has provided exactly what I was hoping would happen."

- Jamin Gillman, Tasmania

"The experience was challenging, yet incredibly satisfying and enlightening. I would not hesitate to recommend sessions with Steph at SESC to anyone sincerely looking for direction and motivation in their lives."

- Lara Inskip, Tasmania

"I really enjoy the way Steph is able to energise and pull out unique insights and explore new territories. I would highly recommend Steph’s Coaching one-on-one as well as her group workshops. Whether it’s to help navigate if you're lost or to achieve a certain goal, working with Steph is extremely valuable on all levels."

- Georgie Gow, Tasmania

"Steph is such a warm, encouraging and inspiring coach who genuinely cares about her clients. She presents herself in a professional yet relaxed manner and is a genius at asking just the right questions to help you tap into the key issues."

- Georgia McGee, Tasmania

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Certified Professional Life Coach: Steph Edmunds

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