Questions successful people ask themselves


​​​​It’s always beneficial to learn more about yourself. Why? Because the more you learn and increase your self-awareness the more you can intentionally influence things and make sure your life is happening how you want it to! It puts you back in the driving seat.

First things first, this is a pretty lengthy list of questions. Think of this more as a detailed examination than a quick check up. You can skim over these questions now but to get the full benefits you’re going to need to set aside a good 30mins or so in your diary to make yourself a cuppa (or kombucha, or water… whatever floats your boat) and contemplate your responses to these questions.

Write down your answers so you can capture your thoughts around where you are now and where you’re going. Answering these questions will contribute to keeping you on track for success. Being able to reflect on where you’ve come from will inspire you to keep learning and pushing your own boundaries of success.

Daily routine

Are the things you do on auto pilot serving you well? Best to check in and make sure they’re working for you not against you…

  • What do I do on auto pilot every day? How can I make it a fun, value adding part of my day?

  • What excites me most about getting out of bed in the morning? How can I get more of that excitement and motivation in my day-to-day life?

  • What’s my least favourite part of my daily routine? What’s one small change I could make to enjoy it that little bit more?

Energy cycle

I’m talking practical usable, tangible, energy. Not airy fairy ‘energy and good vibes’… if you know what I mean. Every thought and action uses energy and unfortunately we don’t have an infinite supply so how do you recharge? Your wellbeing is at stake here...

  • Am I getting the right amount of sleep for my unique needs?

  • What have I been eating lately? What tweaks could I make to my eating habits to ensure I’m being fuelled by nutritious food?

  • What have I been doing to refuel my mental and emotional energy? Is it effective? What else could I do to purposefully re-energise when I’m feeling flat?

  • How frequently have I been exercising? What could I do to up this just a little and enjoy it even more?


Relationships are important, particularly when you reflect on the proven concept that you become the company you keep. Eek!

  • Who have I been spending most of my time with lately? Who do I want to spend more time with?

  • Have I been maintaining or growing relationships? Does this need to change?

  • Are my relationships making me feel loved, valued and uplifted? What could I do to influence this?

  • Am I surrounding myself with people who spur me on to be the best version of myself, who help me to grow and get me out of my comfort zone? Who do I need to spend more time with?

Purpose, Goals and Priorities

I know, I know.. ‘purpose’ can seem like an overwhelming concept but it’s critical! When you have clarity and direction about who you are and where you're going everything is so much more meaningful. So yep… It’s big, but it’s also exciting!

  • Remind yourself of your long term goals and greater intentions. Re-visit any actions you’ve intentionally planned to move you towards this and ask yourself ‘is my approach helping me to achieve these goals?’.

  • What have I been prioritising lately? Is it what I truly want to be prioritising? What needs to change to make sure I actually prioritise my priorities?

  • What opportunities do I have ahead of me? Which ones will enrich the purpose of my life? What is the value in pursuing them?

  • Is there anything blocking my productivity? Complacency? Limiting beliefs? Ineffective methods? Note being selective with what I say yes to? Not delegating? Fear of failure?

If you got through all of those questions you should be proud of yourself for being so invested in the quality of your future. Now that you’ve learned a bit more about who you are and where you’re going, it’s time to put your actions where your mouth is… so to speak. Make sure they’re clear, realistic and engaging enough to inspire you to implement them.Be honest… If you got stumped when it came to ‘purpose, goals and priorities’, don’t be overwhelmed but get excited about the possibilities. Here at SESC we work with clients every day to help them clarify what they want out of life and how they’re going to achieve it. We do this through the one-on-one process of Success Coaching with outstanding results. Working with client to gain clarity and leverage their unique potential is our whole reason for existing.

Ciao, Steph

Steph Edmunds is SESC's Certified Professional Success Coach, Speaker and Facilitator.

You can contact Steph here.