Is visualisation working for... or against you?

'He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right'. There’s a lot of truth to this quote by Confucius about visualising yourself succeeding or failing. So... Let’s break it down.

Soooo…. What is visualisation?

Visualisation is a matter of engaging your imagination to create a visual representation of your ideal future. You can create a vision board or simply create the details of a successful outcome vividly in your mind.

The moment you imagine yourself achieving your goal, whether it’s getting to the gym or speaking with confidence and allure to an audience of 1000, you’ve already kick started the process of success. How? You’re rewiring your brain and training your subconscious mind to look for resources and opportunities that will lead you to the success you’ve vividly envisioned. Not to mention you’re giving yourself a turbo boost of confidence because you’re believing in the potential of your own successful outcomes. BOOM!

Why is visualisation important?

As humans, we have a hardwired visual nature and immense capacity for imagination. It’s because of this that visualisation can either work for us or against us. We’re constantly visualising future outcomes moment-to-moment, often subconsciously. That’s why conscious visualisation is important because you get a say over what you’re imagining and expecting from your future.

Visualisation can sneakily work against us… eek!

Too many people imagine themselves failing before they even think about the possibility of success. Have you ever pictured your upcoming gym session with emphasis on the gruelling hard work, discomfort, pain and distant ‘almost impossible’ long-term goal? How you think about and imagine something playing out (aka visualising it) directly impacts your behaviour. If you focus on the negative you’ll endeavour to protect yourself from it… do you remember that time you didn’t go to the gym because it was too hard and the couch was much safer and comfier than the pain you imagined? Next time, before you forfeit to the couch, bring your conscious mind into play and imagine how energised, strong and empowered you’ll feel after your workout, after taking another accumulative step towards your health and fitness goals. THEN decide between the couch and the gym, don’t let sneaky negative visualisation steal your thunder.

Utilising visualisation as a tool for success

We’ve affirmed why conscious visualisation of success is important, so who’s going around using this tool? The answer? Everyone from the person who needs confidence to say ‘no’ more often right through to extreme examples of those attempting epic world records.

Visualisation is the tool that enables high achievers to surpass what seems humanly possible, whether it be peak physical, financial or business achievements. To name a few; Alisa Camplin (our home grown hero) along with Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carey and Will Smith have all spoken out about utilising visualisation techniques at a stage of life when the success we know them for today seemed an impossibility. Visualising the achievement of their goals enabled them to confidently take action, backing themselves and write success into their stories.


to utilise the tool of visualisation

  1. Next time you have a goal (whether it’s big or teeny tiny) vividly imagine every detail of yourself succeeding at it.

  2. Then add MORE detail - what will achieving your goal look like? What will it feel like? When, where, what, who – get specific! Vivid details in your visualisation creates a deep subconscious connected to your ideal outcome.

  3. Then, as you step into reality and take action towards your goal you take that optimistic subconscious mind that’s wired for success with you. And THAT is a force to be reckoned with.

You image outcomes anyway, so.... why not visualise ideal outcomes?

You'll give yourself a boost of confidence and the strategic advantage. Give it a try.

Ciao, Steph Steph Edmunds is SESC's Certified Professional Success Coach, Speaker and Facilitator.

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