60sec blog: Overcome your recurring obstacles

If you have a consistent stumbling block in your life that repeatedly knocks the wind out of you, then please do yourself a favour and stay down for a little while. Yes. You read that correctly.

Don’t think of staying down as a negative, rather think of it as 'crouching' as you strategise, so that you can spring to a place of strength. That way you can get up and STAY UP.

Stumbling blocks, hurdles, obstacles, whatever you like to call them – they’re different for everyone and it’s common to not be able to see your own obstacles... to blindly trip over them again and again while your goal remains just out of reach…

Common reasons why people keep tripping on the same old obstacles

1. They can’t look at the situation objectively

2. Their method isn’t tailored to their unique passions, values and strengths

3. Deep down their goals don’t actually align to what they truly want

The optimum solution

You guessed it. Engaging a Success Coach and here's why... The objective ears and voice of a Success Coach allows you to gain unique insights into both yourself and your situation. As your strategic partner a Coach will help you create compelling goals and actions that smash through anything that held you back in the past.

The next best solution...

If you’re not quite ready to engage a coach for whatever reason I highly recommend journaling – whatever that looks like for you. You can glean a serious amount of gold from an authentic journal that documents the details of your past success and failures. Apply your learnings and insights to your current situation. It takes diligence and objectivity but it’s totally within your means!


When you fall - strategise a plan to get up and STAY UP.

Ciao, Steph Steph Edmunds is SESC's Certified Professional Success Coach, Speaker and Facilitator.

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Why 60 seconds? So you can soak up simple ideas with powerful tool for application in minimal time. Research tells me the average person reads 250-300words in 60seconds, retaining 60% of what's read. I wonder which 60% soaked in for you?