60sec blog: Step out of the procrastination vortex

One of your greatest tools to achieve success and step out of the procrastination vortex is to be curious...

When you give yourself a break but it snowballs into a binge session of Netflix - what's really stopping you from getting back up off the couch? If you're honest with yourself what is the discomfort of the task at hand that you're avoiding? Focus on your internal narrative. Is it keeping you on the couch?

Often we procrastinate because we're attempting to save ourselves from something. Be curious if you find yourself procrastinating...


'If I'm hardwired to choose pleasure over pain, what pleasure am I choosing

and what pain am I avoiding right now?'

Once you bring these honest answers to your conscious mind you can make a rational decision about how you now want to behave.

The best source of motivation to get you moving when you're in a procrastination vortex is to get reconnected to your 'why'. Now you know why you're choosing to procrastinate it's time to...


'What's the greater purpose behind the task at hand that I'm avoiding?'

If you're honest about your reasons for procrastinating and if you're connected to your 'why' (the driving force behind what you do and how you do it) then you'll soon get moving.

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Be honest with yourself about why you're procrastinating

and then get reconnected to the greater purpose behind

the task at hand to motivate ACTION!

Ciao, Steph Steph Edmunds is SESC's Certified Professional Success Coach, Speaker and Facilitator.

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Why 60 seconds? So you can soak up simple ideas with powerful tool for application in minimal time. Research tells me the average person reads 250-300words in 60seconds, retaining 60% of what's read. I wonder which 60% soaked in for you?