How to flick your motivation switch

We could all benefit from a simple strategy to switch on our motivation whenever we needed it. This is a short, sharp and practical read that will help you learn how to flick your switch and activate a motivated state so you can achieve your goals!

First things first, success leaves clues so let’s investigate…

When did you last flick your motivation switch?

It may have been a conscious or entirely subconscious thing so take a moment to have a think about at least four or five times you were super motivated to do something recently (and did it!).

We’re looking for clues in the examples you’re thinking of, the elemnts that helped to flick the switch in the past. What changed your state? Your mindset? Your focus? or your mood, in order for you to take action?

Some common motivational switches to look for:

  • You heard or read something that inspired you (maybe a Youtube clip like this)

  • You were listening to a particular genre of music (i.e. me listening to dance music when I clean the house)

  • You broke the task down into manageable steps

  • You focused on how great it would be in 30mins after the job was done

  • You focused on how powerful the impact would be on your life in 1or10 years if you do this

  • You visualised yourself being motivated

  • You had a time restraint (aka work deadline)

  • You had someone holding you accountable

  • Maybe you signed up to receive my Monthly Motivation email and there was a tidbit in there that revved your engine

  • You had eaten something healthy and your brain thanked you by switching into gear

  • You had just done exercise and the endorphins were pumping

  • You were feeling grateful or positive

  • You believed in your ability to achieve the goal

  • Someone else believed in your ability to do the task at hand

  • You had to do it or it was going to have a negative effect on someone else

  • Someone did the task with you (aka you met them at the gym)

  • There was a reward waiting for you at the end of the rainbow

  • Anything that gave you a compelling reason to be motivated

What to do with your detective work…

Now you’ve got a nice little list of all the factors that may have contributed to you switching into a motivated state in the past. Hopefully you’ve added some of your own switches.

Flicking the switch and get going

The next step is to experiment with these factors when you need a boost of motivation. Your switch might be different for different tasks (and moods!) so the more extensive your list of resources for experimenting with the better!

Once you have a pretty solid, tried and tested, formula for switching into gear, apply it as often as you're in need of motivation!

If you try this strategy but find that you can't seem to get traction on your own then get in touch with me! I'm a Certified Professional Life Coach and it excites me like nothing else to help people get motivated, get clear and create positive change in their lives. I do this through my one-on-one coaching series and coaching intensives. I'm always up for having a chat to see if coaching is the right fit for what you need!

Wishing you all the best with achieving your goals and flicking that motivation switch!

Ciao, Steph

p.s. I hope you found this blog helpful on your personal success journey! If you have any questions or comments about the blog, or want to share the results you've achieving by applying this strategy then I’d love to hear from you!

Steph Edmunds, Certified Life Coach

Author: Steph Edmunds

Certified Professional Life Coach

Steph Edmunds is SESC's incredibly passionate, well experienced Certified Professional Life Coach based in Launceston, Tasmania - coaching across Australia and the world. You can contact Steph directly to make coaching inquiries, follow SESC on Facebook and Instagram OR even better, sign up to receive a dose of Monthly Motivation straight to your inbox!

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