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I was first moved by Lisa King’s story at Clifford Craig's International Women's Day luncheon back in March 2018. As Tasmania’s Barnardo’s Mother of the Year, Lisa was invited to speak at the event headlined by Jelena Dokic. While Jelena ‘should’ have been the stand out… for me it was Lisa.

Lisa spoke of the adversity she had faced in recent years and shared an encouraging message of support with insights for those both offering and receiving support during hardships. Lisa’s authentic and heart felt message was absorbed by myself and the entire audience as we hung on Lisa’s every word. It was a simple throwaway comment by Lisa about planning to get around to looking after her own health and fitness ‘oneday’ that inspired me to reach out and offer her probono coaching. It was the least I could do to celebrate and support a woman who had given so much of herself ot her family and community. Since then, Lisa and I have had a wonderful coaching relationship focusing primarily on her wellness and mindset. I invited Lisa to share her experience here on my blog.

So now, without further ado, I’ll hand over to Lisa to share about her coaching journey in her own words.

Lisa's experience, in her own words...

“For the last seven years or so, I’ve had the goal (that I’m sure thousands of others have had at some stage) to look after my physical health more. But as a busy, single Mum I’m always putting myself last which means every year my goal is still the same as I’m still not healthy, fit or skinny!

I know all the things that I need to do: walk more, drink more water, do strength training, find an exercise I love, eat low carb/high fat, quit sugar and there’s been times when I’ve done all of them and for a little while it’s helped, but I always end up back to where I began.

Last year I spoke at an event and mentioned that I needed to work on my physical health more, as I had been working hard at getting on top of my mental health. Not long after, I was surprised to receive a lovely email from Steph who was in the audience that day. She was so generous in offering me a 4 month coaching series, as she said that she would love to help me achieve my goals.

I had no idea what coaching even was. I imagined a personal trainer yelling at me to ‘do ten more!’ and I wasn’t keen on that, especially as I’d been avoiding the gym for a few years! I looked at the link to the website for SESC Success Coaching in the email which explained what coaching was about, and I knew I would be crazy to pass up such a great opportunity. I had tried so long to do it on my own, so I was extremely grateful to Steph for reaching out to me, and I was glad that it didn’t involve hard sessions at the gym!

I went into our first session with an open mind, but in the back of my mind I was thinking ‘what’s she going to tell me that I don’t already know?’ Steph was so warm, easy to talk to, funny, empathetic, and non-judgemental. I straight away knew our sessions were going to be something I would look forward to. After our first session we had a clear goal about what I wanted to work on, and a plan for our second session.

Steph helped me to become really aware of why I wanted to work on my physical health and what has been stopping me in the past. She really stretched me with her questions, and helped me to break down my goal of getting healthy to make it really specific and reachable.

After each session I had a clear goal, how I was going to achieve that goal, awareness of the roadblocks that may stop me and how to get through those roadblocks, and a way to be accountable which really kept me on track.

I actually expected that Steph would tell me to do things that I didn’t want to do. Instead she helped me to make a plan to reach my goals by doing things that I actually wanted to do. This was something I didn’t expect at all! My mindset has changed a lot as I’m no longer looking for the quick fix or feel like giving up if I have a ‘bad day’ (goodbye juice fasts, running even though I hate it and giving up chocolate for good!).

I’m still not particularly healthy, fit or skinny but I'm back on track. For the first time in a very long time I feel like my goals are really achievable because I’m more self-aware, have clear goals and know how I’m going to achieve them. This wouldn’t have been possible without coaching with Steph.”

To learn more about Lisa's amazing resilience and ability to rise above life's challenges, you can head over to Lisa's blog to read her story. And, while you're there why not leave this amazing woman a message of encouragement!

An update on Lisa's progress:

Just last week I received a message from Lisa celebrating the fall of the numbers on the bathroom scales. The best thing about this is that weight isn’t the main deal, it’s simply a welcomed aside to her new positive mindset that’s serving her in both body and mind. The numbers are merely evidence of a change she can already feel on the inside. The scales will continue to fall, her body will change but the difference this time is the sustainability factor. It’s a new way of being and I’m so happy for her! I love nothing more than to celebrate my clients wins!

Ciao, Steph

p.s. We hope you found this blog helpful on your personal success journey. If you have any questions or comments on the blog or if you want to learn more about Personal Success Coaching then I would love to hear from you!

Author: Steph Edmunds

Certified Professional Life Coach


Guest Author: Lisa King

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