Book review: The Principles and Power of Vision

I am utterly moved. This book has solidified in me the deep sense of purpose I already had and has brought even more clarity to what was already a deeply compelling vision. That my friend, is an effective book.

Oh man. If you pick up this book prepare for author Myles Munroe to cut to the heart of the matter and talk about what’s truly important!

The book:

‘The Principles and Power of Vision’

The Author:

Dr Myles Munroe

The key message of his book?

Vision is the necessary ingredient for a meaningful and fulfilling life that serves the world far beyond your existence. WOW. BOOM. (Insert all of the profound words and emoji’s that signify an epic lesson learnt. In fact… insert one after just about every paragraph the man writes.)

The primary principles and messages within the pages of this book spoke directly to my coaching philosophies. We can’t fluff around and let precious life pass us by, we’re made for so much more than living unintentionally, eyes down living day to day. We each have the seeds of a unique purpose within us, a unique skills set and passion. Vision is the pinnacle of engaging this. It’s vision of our best selves in our best lives that aids us to live a full and meaningful life. Vision brings joy, fulfillment, legacy, hope and resilience. Without it be bump through life without true purpose, satisfaction or deeply meaningful engagement with others and our community. It’s not just us that miss out, everyone else does too.

Vision comes from the heart

Myles himself says “Vision is the key to unlocking the gates of what was and what is, to propelling us into the land of what could be and has not yet been. Vision sets you free from the limitations of what the eyes can see and allows you to enter into the liberty of what the heart can feel. Vision makes the unseen visible and the unknown possible.”

Why I read this book...

I work with my coaching clients to articulate their visions, to capture them, to add detail, colour, life and hope and to then begin the process of making those visions their reality. No more floating or bumping through life, but living with purpose, compelling vision and a hope for an even better future that what’s seen today. A vision that’s more than sight of what’s directly in front of them, but a vision that’s felt with the heart, that excited and motivates.

Myles’book reaffirmed to me that vision is the key that brings out the best qualities in mankind. Qualities like collaboration, self-esteem, self-respect, hope, dedication, clarity and meaningful input. Together if we were all to pursue the deep passions of our heart, our potential and the vision we each have before us then the world would be an amazing place.

It’s incredibly hard to boil down such a powerful book into a simple review, so I’ll use some of Myles Munroe’s quotes to speak for me...

Quotes from the book

“Sight is a function of the eyes; vision is a function of the heart.”

“The ability to dream is the greatest power on earth… it provides mankind with the power to hope beyond the present – an ability that has motivated the human race through the ages to believe in an unseen future.”

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose. Purpose is the source of meaning in life and serves as the womb for the conception of dreams and visions.”

Challenges that can come with reading this style of book

Your mind could be blown to a point where you feel ‘stuck’ or like you’ve hit a wall. Myles Munroe gives the reader a series of steps to work through with questions to answer and respond to, the thing is they’re some big picture questions and if you’re new on your self-awareness, purpose and vision journey then it may become overwhelming. To put it in perspective, these topics and questions are the type of thing I would work through with a client over a four month coaching series. Sometimes it’s that external voice and facilitation of your thoughts that allows the gold you have in there to come to the surface.

Why it's a good read...

If you push through and read this book you’re bound to walk away feeling hopeful and optimistic about the power of your future and ideally with a clearer vision of what that future can be. I know I did!

Ciao, Steph

p.s. If you have any books you'd recommend reading then please get in touch! I'm always interesting in learning about new books that have helped change peoples lives.

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Author: Steph Edmunds

Certified Professional Life Coach

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