Creating cohesion between work and life

Cohesion is a beautiful idea, but is it a comfortable thing to transition to after living in chaos and busyness for so long? Not really.

Sorry to burst your bubble... but living a life of cohesion is a conscious choice that takes courage and requires a whole lot of heart.

In this blog I'm going to explain in short what cohesion is, what it isn't and how working with a coach can help you create cohesion between work, life and all the extras. Let's start with what cohesion is and what it isn't...

Cohesion IS:

  • Forming a united whole between all aspects of life

  • Different facets of life (work/family/extras) working together, complimenting each other

  • Intentional

  • Something that requires an approach that evolves as you do

Cohesion is NOT:

  • Perfection (spoiler alert: perfection doesn’t exist)

  • Something that magically happens (another spoiler alert… cohesion requires intention)

  • Easy (you’re going to have to make some tough calls. You can’t be and do everything or you'll end back at square one so that means learning to say 'no')

  • Balance (cohesion isn’t an equation of time like balance can be, it's a wholistic approach based on a deep level of awareness and clarity of vision)

  • Something you 'set and forget' (nope. It grows as you do)

Cohesion between work and life requires:

I know cohesion can seem like a big overwhelming concept and can bring forward thoughts of 'that's nice for you that you have time to think about these things and plan them, but I'm way too busy for that' or 'that's great that this works for you but that won't ever work for me' or 'I can't even imagine what cohesion would look or feel like so there's no way I can achieve that'.

I get it.

I hear these things from my clients all the time. That's why they come to me for Life Coaching. They want change (in some cases they NEED change because their current life strategy isn't sustainable). It's my role to close the gap between overwhelm and cohesion. Busyness and cohesion. Scattered and cohesion.

How working with a Life Coach can help you create cohesion:

  • It creates an opportunity to pause and explore your vision for your (and your family's) life, to bring to the forefront the details and priorities that truly matter

  • It's an opportunity to take stock of what you're doing and investing in that you don't actually want to be doing and investing in (we all need one of these audits from time to time!)

  • A clear mind to challenge all of those insipid limiting beliefs that have crept in and are holding you back from actually living a life of passion and fulfilment (which IS possible by the way)

  • Bouncing ideas around to create a robust and exciting plan/multiple plans to make the changes you desire

  • External accountability to create the changes you want

  • An opportunity to measure and track the changes you're making, to keep moving in the right direction

  • An external, non-judgemental professional who's in your corner, championing you on to success

Creating cohesion isn't impossible, it's just something people rarely slow down to give attention to. Life kind of just happens to them. That's why coaching is the perfect opportunity for people to carve out the time for reflection and planning, to be supported through the process of change by a professional coach like myself. It really is a life changing decision to commit to creating cohesion and to seek it out at all costs. It's just that few people have the courage to do it. Because change is uncomfortable. They just seem to forget that it's oh so worth it!

Pursuing cohesion changes your life, it changes your family's life and it adds immense value to the fabric of our community, society and the world.

Suddenly your life is intentional, enjoyable and fulfilling. It's inspiring others.

Who wouldn't want that?!

One thing I will say though… (consider it a warning if you like)... Cohesion requires courage. Courage to be yourself, to embrace who you really are and courage to live in a way that’s entirely unique and exciting for you and your family. Courage to make big calls and courage to actually slow down to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Have you got the courage required? You've read this far so I think you do.

Ciao, Steph x

p.s. If you want to talk about how Life Coaching could help you to create cohesion in your life then get in touch to arrange a curiosity call with me. Whether it turns into coaching or is simply an empowering chat, I'd love to talk with you and support you on your journey! Another way to keep growing can be signing up to my monthly motivation emails. They'll inspire you on your journey! You can subscribe here.

Author: Steph Edmunds

Certified Professional Life Coach

Steph Edmunds is SESC's incredibly passionate, experienced Certified Professional Life Coach based in Launceston, Tasmania - coaching clients across Australia and the world via Zoom.

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