Is low self-worth limiting your potential?

Self-confidence and self-worth. Same, same but different? Nope. Very different.

There's a distinct difference between self-confidence and self-worth and knowing your relationship with them is an absolute game changer. Why? Because being self-aware is a critical key to achieving personal and professional success.

So, what is self-confidence?

In a nut shell... Self-confidence is your belief in how capable you are of achieving future success in any chosen area. It's confidence in your skills and abilities, an internal awareness and understanding of your potential.

Sandra's example of self confidence... Sandra has been invited to speak at a high level event. She's confident in her public speaking skills and has no doubt she can successfully speak to and engage an audience of 500 at the upcoming event. No worries. She might have a few little jittery nerves (because she's human) but ultimately her confidence in her ability to deliver based on her skills and knowledge is high. In this situation Sandra has high self-confidence.

Well then... What is self-worth?

Self-worth on the other hand is what you believe about your worthiness, your value as a unique human being. If your self-worth is high, chances are you know what to say yes and what to say no to. A high sense of self-worth means you're more comfortable receiving constructive criticism because other peoples opinions of you and your work doesn't knock you off your feet, it doesn't weigh in as more important than your opinion of yourself. Self-worth is a core building block of how you see yourself and therefor how you show up in the world. It influences all areas of your life.

Let's go back to Sandra's example. She knows she has the skills to speak to this audience but she doubts that her story, her message is as important as anyone else's. She doesn't feel deserving of taking the stage because her hardships haven't been hard enough, her life lessons not great enough... she's not worthy of peoples attention and time. Is this true? No way! Not at all. But a low level of self-worth has created limiting beliefs that are limiting her potential. So much so that she's highly likely to turn down the speaking opportunity, even though her story could help hundreds of other people. Sandra has low self-worth and it's limiting her potential.

How increasing self-awareness can help

The good news? Becoming self-aware can alter your self-worth. As soon as you're aware that you don't value your opinion of yourself as much as you value other peoples opinion of you, you can start to take the power back.

Let's take Sandra for example; from a place of strong self-awareness she would be able to replace her pesky limiting beliefs with things that are actually true - like the fact that her story is powerful, her life lessons are beneficial for others to hear and ultimately... that she's worthy of sharing all of this with others. She's worthy of being heard.

Ok, so Sandra is a fictitious character, but I'm sure we can all relate in some way, at some stage of our lives can't we? There's likely been a time in your history where your sense of self-worth has got in the way of our success, no matter how confident you were in your abilities.

I wonder how often an unidentified dent in your self-worth has held you back in ways you weren't consciously aware of? What opportunities may you have missed as a result of taking yourself out of the race or out of that relationship, all based on a lack of valuing your worthiness? What's that special something only you have that the world is missing out on because you doubt your worthiness to share it?

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Ciao, Steph

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Author: Steph Edmunds

Certified Professional Life Coach

Steph Edmunds is SESC's incredibly passionate, experienced Certified Professional Life Coach based in Launceston, Tasmania - coaching clients across Australia and the world. You can contact Steph directly to make coaching inquiries, sign-up for a dose of Monthly Motivation direct to your inbox or Follow SESC on FacebookInstagram to stay in touch on your personal development journey! or