Start celebrating your wins, here's why

Do you stop to celebrate your wins or do you tear on to the next thing, wildly ticking things off your to-do list hoping for a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day only to be met by exhaustion and a whole new list for tomorrow? I thought so.

It can feel relentless, repetitive and thankless right?

Well it doesn’t have to.

You’re in charge here my friend, and you’re sitting on an untapped resource of confidence building, personal growth goodness.

To tap into it all you need to do is slow down to celebrate and savour your wins and the life lessons (big and small) that they teach you.

Now I agree… not everything warrants a party, especially when you’re go-go-go, but some things damn well do!

I know, I know.. you’re time poor, aspiring for bigger and better things constantly so the thought of slowing down or (heaven forbid) pausing (yikes!) to savour a win feels like a waste of productive time. BUT you’re forgetting one key thing… Reflection increases self-awareness, self-awareness leads to better decisions, better decisions lead to a better life.

So what is a ‘win’? It’s really any form of progress, big or teeny tiny that moves you towards achieving your goal. Wins are the steps that create the staircase to your ultimate success.

Celebrating wins, no matter their size, builds your confidence:

  • It reminds you where your precious energy has been going and why

  • It reminds you of the challenges you’ve overcome

  • It reinforces to your brain that you are accomplished, dedicated and capable

  • It reminds you that you’re brilliant (not a robot ticking things off a ceaseless list)

When you flit past your success without savouring it you rob yourself of pure confidence building gold that I don’t want you to miss out on so here are some of my thoughts as a Personal Success Coach on how you could go about celebrating your wins:

4 ways you can slow down and savour your wins:

1. Be present with your success.

You’re busy, I get it, but you can’t be too busy to pause, be present with your success, take a few deep breaths and give yourself a mental pat on the back for all of your hard work. During your pause picture where you started and how far this win signifies that you’ve come.

Why is this an effective strategy? It helps you to slow down, be specific about your progress, to see it, to see yourself, to revel in how amazing you are, to build your confidence and to extract lessons you can apply in the future for greater and greater success.

2. Tell someone!

But not just anyone. Make sure it’s that someone who actually truly cares about your success. The someone who gets what a big deal this win is for you and will damn well pop that champagne cork and drink to your success!

Why is it an effective strategy? You feel seen. You get your tires pumped up by someone you value and respect. Authentic enthusiasm for your success allows you to better feel your own excitement for your success too. Plus, you get to relive how magnificent you are – if that’s not confidence building I don’t know what is!

3. Journal.

Write about your win, savouring it with sweet, sweet written words.

To go next level here and get the most out of this exercise, be descriptive with your language, dig deep and make note of exactly how flipping good your win (big or small) felt for you and articulate what this progress means for where you’re going next.

Why is it an effective strategy? When you write you have to think about it and really focus on the topic at hand, you’re honing in your attention. Being intentional and specific with your language makes you really think about the details of the success and what that means to you and having it written down has perks like always being there for you to reflect on when you need a boost of confidence or inspiration.

4. Reward yourself.

I saw you perk up a little when you read that! You’ve done the hard work so now it’s time for your reward!

BUT, there’s a catch… I recommend a reward that matches the size of the effort you put in. Smaller, more frequent rewards will program your desire for future accomplishments and therefor propel you on for long term success.

Why is it an effective strategy? There’s something you want waiting for you at a self-identified end line, not to mention there’s a clear line in the sand of what success looks like. A friendly word of warning though… make sure that the reward isn’t something that takes away from the goal!!! As in… if you’re trying to eat less chocolate and you reward yourself with chocolate…. Then things aren’t adding up. You’re smart, know what I’m saying! Don’t accidentally self-sabotage in the way you reward yourself.

When you take the time so savour and celebrate your wins you’ll reap the rewards of improved confidence and the wisdom that comes from the lessons of success. It’s a critical part of the personal growth process that a lot of people aren’t capitalising on! But now you know where to get started. Enjoy the process!

Steph x

Certified Professional Life Coach

Launceston, Tasmania

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Author: Steph Edmunds

Certified Professional Life Coach

Steph Edmunds is SESC's incredibly passionate, experienced Certified Professional Life Coach based in Launceston, Tasmania, coaching clients across Australia and the world via Zoom to achieve balance, confidence and high performance.

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