Spreading messages of encouragement, empowerment and strategic achievement of success is something Steph is incredibly passionate about. Her speaking topics are as dynamic as she is. Select a topic from Steph's portfolio or work with her to create a custom presentation designed to speak to the core of your audience's unique needs. 

I N V E S T   I N    Y O U R S E L F   A N D   O T H E R S   W I T H:

'The art of authenticity'

In our society 'perfection' is rampant. But... ironically non-existent. Regardless of this fact we continue to feel pressured to live up to the insanely unachievable expectations that are plastered all around us through marketing on and offline. Depression and anxiety are on the rise. Have we lost the art of authenticity and self-love? Let's bring it back.

'Uniquely you'

We hear it all the time 'focus on your weaknesses so you can be well rounded'. EEK! You're not designed to be equally good at everything - you're designed to be uniquely you! This talk looks at how strengths can be maximised and weaknesses managed in order to absolutely rock what makes you truly unique and successful.

'Positive confidence. Positive outcomes.'

Contrary to popular belief - confidence is far more than being bubbly and loud or even arrogant. This talk explores a number of facets of confidence, expands self-awareness of hidden stores of confidence and draws the critical connection between confidence, empowerment and the art of positive decision making.

S T E P H ' S    S P E A K I N G    T O P I C S:



Are you thinking... I want a bit of this and a bit of that - oh and my audience NEEDS  to hear this! Well - luckily Steph loves to customise speaking topics to meet the specific needs of your audience. Want a presentation? Done. Want an interactive session? Done. Let's make your event unique!