The next series begins:

Feb 2020 (ends: May 2020)

Applications open:

November 1st, 2019

(Note: application close 5pm January 10th, 2020) 




Empowering todays young professionals to enrich tomorrows society

Our missions is to make Success Coaching financially available to young professionals as they navigate life and the development of their personal identity and career paths.  

Sponsored coaching positions are made possible thanks to local visionary businesses who put up their hands to partner with SESC and sponsor 50% of the coaching fees of successful applicants!




Successful applicants will embark on a 3 month Success Coaching Series. 

Personal Success Coaching allows clients to develop their self-awareness and clarity around what they understand success and fulfilment to be and how to achieve this in their personal and professional lives. Coaching is about kicking goals and learning to love and leverage your potential as you change your life (and the world) for the better.

4 Month Sponsored 

Success Coaching Series Include:

  • Preliminary Power coaching Call, 15min

  • Preliminary Self-Discovery Questionnaire

  • Preliminary online personality assessment + worksheet

  • 1x Ignition Success Coaching session, 90min

  • 3x Success Coaching sessions, 60min/session

  • Summary notes of each session

  • PDF’s and worksheets made available to you as required

  • Email support is available between coaching sessions

  • Accountability

Note: Coaching sessions can be face to face (Launceston), via phone or Skype







It’s simple... As a successful applicant you invest 50% of the total coaching series fee (which you can pay in full or in instalments). Our partnering business sponsors will match your investment - sponsoring the remaining 50% of your coaching series!!! 


Note: The full value of this 4 Month Success Coaching Series is $690. Successful applicants will therefor pay $345. 

  • To make Success Coaching financially available to Australian young adults who are 18-25yo

  • To support and empower young adults through their unique journey of career and self-discovery

    • Increased clarity, direction and confidence for participants 

    • Facilitation of the setting and achieving of small and large goals

    • Expansion of self-awareness of strengths, how to maximise unique strengths and how to manage weaknesses in order to achieve maximum success

  • To leave young adults with a clear future vision, feeling equipped, empowered and confident 



W H O    C A N    A P P L Y ?

18-25 year olds living in Tasmania

Applicants are considered in regards to how suited they are to the nature of coaching, specifically their openness to being coached, to a new and creative thought life and their excitement and commitment to creating goals and action plans in order to gain clarity and achieve success.



H O W    T O    A P P L Y 


1. Contact us to introduce yourself, register your interest and request an application form

2. Fill in and return your application form via email

3. Complete a short phone interview with Steph Edmunds ( SESC's Director and Certified Life Coach)

4. Await the fateful email to see if your application has been successful!!!



I F     Y O U ' R E    S U C C E S S F U L . . .


You'll receive an email letting you know that your application has been successful and we'll send you through your coaching contract and self-discovery questionnaire to kick you off and prep you for your very first session!





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SRA's mission is to unlock the potential of organisations and their leaders to cultivate high performance. As a business who focuses on the best interests of their clients they're excited to sponsor young adults as an investment in the best interests of our community. To learn more about SRA visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

R. Green Building is a Launceston based building company specialising in residential development. With a strong work ethic and consistent quality outcomes they have been building in Launceston for over 30 years.  As sponsoring partners R Green building look forward to helping young adults build themselves up as they experience coaching and become empowered to achieve their goals. 

McArthur financial understand that to give you the best financial advice,  they first need to understand you – your lifestyle, concerns, priorities, and financial goals.  They give their clients peace of mind in knowing that their money is working for them and that their financial future is secure. McArthur financial value goal setting, no wonder they're keen to be a coaching sponsor! 




Mondo Collective are lovers of thoughtful, practical and well-detailed design and craftsmanship. They revel in the art of creative problem solving and working with their hands. Mondo has a community focus and are excited to give back by being a coaching series sponsor.  To learn more about Mondo and follow their creative adventures visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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